Promethean Interactive Whiteboard

PSB rooms 217 and 219 each have a Promethean interactive whiteboard. Training is scheduled for the following dates:

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Friday, January 28  from 2 to 3 pm
Wednesday, February 2 from 10 to 11 am
Friday, February 4  from 2 to 3 pm

Hardware. A Promethean board is an interactive smart board that is intended to give students hands-on practice and personal involvement with their learning. It comes with Activpens which are used to tap, write, draw, and drag objects around on the whiteboard. (Do not write on the whiteboard with anything else.) Along with the whiteboard itself there is a projector mounted on the ceiling to project the display of the laptop that is connected to it (just like any projector). You can command the display using the laptop, but the idea is to have students (and teacher) use the Activpens to manipulate the objects on the whiteboard.

Software. The Promethean boards work with ActivInspire software. ActivInspire is installed on the laptop connected to the whiteboard in room 217. Let me know if you need the information to install ActivInspire on your own computer. (We have a site license.) You can create flipcharts using ActivInspire (kind of like slides) and you can find premade flipcharts for free or cheap on Promethean Planet ( You can use ActivInspire with the “primary” look and feel for younger students or the “studio” look and feel for older students; this changes the colors and configuration of the workspace and the look of the toolbox buttons. (On the Dashboard, go to Configure and check the box to launch it next time with the other look.)  Here is some more information on ActivInspire:

You can work in presentation mode or design mode (switch between using the Edit menu or the snowflake button on the top right). In design mode, the actions are turned off as you work.

View > Browsers or Ctrl + B if you don’t see the browser panel on the left side of the screen.

  • Page Browser: view the pages (just like viewing slides in a presentation such as PowerPoint), drag and drop the order of the pages in the flipchart
  • Resource Browser: find shared resources like clipart or sounds to drag and drop onto your pages (you can find more resources on Promethean Planet)
  • Object Browser: view and alter layers on each page (annotations are on the top layer and objects are on the middle layer)
  • Notes Browser: add notes to a page for the teacher or user or yourself (like slide notes in PowerPoint)
  • Property Browser: click on an object then you can modify the object properties, like adding a caption that will appear on mouseover (tooltip)
  • Action Browser: add interactivity by dragging an action and dropping it on an object
  • Voting Browser: for use with handheld devices

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