Inviting Guests to Elive Sessons

Here is how to get a link to your elive session:

  1. Click the elive link from your Blackboard menu then look for the meeting link you have created for your course in the Live Sessions list. Click Modify on the far right.
  2. No need to make any changes. Click Submit.
  3. From the next screen, click the Send Email button. Send an email to yourself. I like to use the subject {Course Name} Plan B. Click submit.
  4. Check your email, click the meeting link, and bookmark it. (Note: If you use this link to get into elive, you will not have moderator privileges.)
  5. Send the Meeting Link to a guest speaker to join your elive class.

I like to send an email to all students in the class that looks something like this:

The primary way of getting into our elive class session is as follows: Log into Blackboard > click on the link for this course > click Elive! on the menu on the left > click the live class meeting link (this may take a few minutes). If you have any trouble, try the same steps again using a different browser (such as Mozilla Firefox). Plan B: if Blackboard is down or you have other technical difficulties, use this link to get into our elive session: (insert your link here). Log in as a guest; enter your email address and use your first and last names for the display name, then click log in. Bookmark this “Plan B” link in case you need it later in the semester.

NOTE: If you want to invite someone when you are already in elive, click the Invite New Participants button on the toolbar  (or find the same option under the Session menu). Next, click compose email to send the invitation and link to a guest speaker or other participant.


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