Blackboard Announcements

Blackboard Announcements are a great way to get information out to students. By default, the students see the announcements as soon as they log into Blackboard and also on the first page after they click on your course. You can even check a box to email the announcement to all students. This is especially nice for sending an important message to students about a canceled class, for example.

  1. Create an announcement using Control Panel > Announcements > Add Announcement > Type in your subject and message.Format your message and be sure to make links live using the hyperlink button. 
  2. Click Yes to make it a Permanent announcement so it goes to the top of the list on the Announcements page (otherwise students might not scroll down and see it).
  3. Add both a Display After and Display Until date. It is nice to be able to set up announcements ahead of time…such as a “Tip of the Week.”
  4. Here is the thing I didn’t realize! I never bothered entering a Display Until date but then when I copy the announcements to a new course shell for a new semester, students can still see announcements that have no end date if they click on the View All tab. They cannot see announcements for any that are past the display until date (but you can).

Remember, you don’t have to see your own announcements when you log in to Blackboard. After you log in to Blackboard but before clicking on a course, click the pencil icon to the right of My Courses. Uncheck the display announcements checkbox for all your classes!


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