Blackboard Adaptive Release

I hadn’t used Adaptive Release in Blackboard before, but it seems very useful and pretty easy to use. Thanks, Bonnie, for asking me to look into this cool feature of Blackboard! When would you use this? Let’s say you have one student who has been out with a medical condition and you want to give him/her a chance to make up work that is in a folder which has timed out (no longer available). Here’s how to give just that one student access to the Blackboard folder.


  1. Blackboard > Control Panel > go to the right section
  2. Modify the folder to remove the date restrictions to make the folder content available to all students (temporarily)
  3. Then click Manage > Adaptive Release > Look for the “Membership” section > click Browse > Search for student name > Check the checkbox by the name > click Submit to add the rule > Submit > OK
  4. To add another rule or delete a rule, use Adaptive Release: Advanced

Here is a video tutorial:

Remember you can log in as a student to see Blackboard how they see it and to test out new features of Blackboard. I find it very useful to see the gradebook from the student perspective!

Username:  username_student e.g. afkmw1_student

Password:  UAA ID#_student e.g. 30615550_student


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