Habits of Effective Online Moderators (tips from Elluminate)

Here are some good reminders for Elive moderators (they can be applied to any technology, really!). This list was adapted from “Top Ten Habits for Highly Effective Elluminate Live! Moderators” produced by Elluminate.

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Log in on multiple computers using the link I told you how to get in a previous post or apply for your own Vroom through Learn Central http://www.learncentral.org/user/vroomreg. You can learn valuable things by playing around in elive logged in as a moderator and also a student. Some instructors log into two machines for every elive session!
  2. Give students all the information they need to use elive effectively on their computer. Direct them to Elluminate Live Training http://www.elluminate.com/Training/Documentation/Detail/88/?id=227 prior to your first class session.
  3. Prepare content ahead of time, designing interaction into the lesson.
  4. Run audio wizard as soon as you join to be sure your audio is working. Have your students do the same. Every time.
  5. Join the elive session about a half hour early to load slides, create breakout rooms, test audio/video, etc. Be prepared with files (for application sharing) and websites open and notes and resources available.
  6. Consider having a “helper” in your session to manage the chat window or provide technical support. This could be a student volunteer who has some experience using elive.
  7. Smile and your participants will smile with you. Exude positive energy and enthusiasm. Your attitude is contagious. Use the video every once in a while to allow your students to see your smiling face. Add profile information using Tools > Preferences > My Profile.
  8. Engage participants in an interactive activity every 6 minutes using polling, emoticons, brainstorming on the whiteboard, responses using chat, breakout rooms, etc.
  9. Check for understanding using a poll, or asking students to summarize on the mic or demonstrate with application sharing.
  10. Record the session and tell students how to find the recordings in Blackboard. [Click the elive link in Blackboard > click the drop down arrow next to “live sessions” and change it to “recorded sessions” > click the “go” button > find the recording you want to watch by date. You may have to change where it says “this month” or “this week” on the far right.] Consider creating additional recordings to supplement live sessions.

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