Save a Click. Embed Files in Blackboard.

They say…the more mouse clicks involved, the less likely the viewer will see it.

Instead of attaching a file in Blackboard, change it up a bit with an embedded file! I use to embed my syllabus in Blackboard to give the students a scrollable zoomable visual of this important document. (Yes, I also attach a PDF file of the syllabus.)

  1. On the website, click the Select Files button and navigate to find your file. accepts all kinds of word processing, presentation, and picture formats, but I have had the best results with PDF files.
  2. Log in to with your credentials from an existing Google or Yahoo account.
  3. Make any changes (you can even add markup) and then copy the embed code. (FYI: this page is pictured below).
  4. In Blackboard, create a new item. Toggle HTML Source Mode and paste the code. Submit.

Scribd ( is another website you can use for this purpose, but I sometimes have trouble with it on my slow home internet connection. Posterous (this blog’s host) uses Scribd, so you have seen it in previous posts.


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