Blackboard Mobile Learn for the iPhone

Do you have an iPhone or iPod touch? If so, you and your students can use Blackboard (kind of) from your device. Go to the app store on your iPhone or iPod touch and search for Blackboard Mobile Learn. Install it for free.

Once the app is installed on your device, click it and search for Alaska. Choose University of Alaska Anchorage, and then you can log in and access your classes! This has limited use at this time but the university is looking into a better version that we would have to pay for.


Backing up your Blackboard Gradebook


At the end of each semester (and at least once during the semester) I like to back up my grades to a spreadsheet file. From the Blackboard Grade Center, click Manage > Download. Leave all the options as is and click Submit. On the next screen, click the Download button. When a window pops up, click OK to open with Microsoft Excel. If you get a message about a different format, just click YES. Now you see all your grades in a spreadsheet!

Tip: When you save the spreadsheet file, save it in your class folder and change the “save as type” to Excel Workbook.

Elive 10

UAA is planning to upgrade to Elluminate Live version 10 on May 8. The biggest change in version 10 is improved accessibility. Here is a link to read about the new features and get a sneak peak at version 10:!/What%E2%80%99s_New_in_V10/?id=391

There are other good resources available here:!/?id=418

TIP: You can play around with elive 10 now, by signing up for your own vRoom and joining Learn Central at

Augmented Reality

I attended a session on Augmented Reality (AR) at the TCC online conference yesterday. The presenter was Craig Kapp from NYU. Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery ( Visit Craig’s blog for some really cool videos on augmented reality ( including:

ZooBurst Augmented Reality Snowglobes (you print out a page and hold it up to your webcam to see a 3D image) 

Check out these free apps at the iTunes Store or Android Market!

·         Word Lens translates printed words from one language to another with your built-in camera in real time. I wish I had this to read road signs in Italy last month! Very cool!

 ·       Wikitude World Browser allows you to hold up your smartphone to explore your surroundings and the app will show additional interactive content and information about what you are looking at. Wow! FYI: “Wikitude, Layar, and Junaio are the most popular browsers designed specifically for AR. Having been on the market the longest, Layar is the most prevalent and offers the most content.”  (Daniel Hardt, Merging Worlds: Augmented Reality,

ActivInspire Jeopardy Concluded

I had a fun time with a class of future elementary educators this week working with the Promethean board and ActivInspire software and brainstorming ideas for the classroom. They inspired me to finish recording the last two rounds of the ActivInspire Jeopardy game.

I need to thank all the wonderful people who share their work on Promethean Planet (  for the Jeopardy game idea. Here are the videos. Enjoy!