Review of IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera

I purchased a few small and inexpensive Point 2 View USB cameras for the college. I set up one camera in each classroom and have one in my office for check out. If you check out the camera from me (or use your own laptop in the classroom), you will have to install the P2V software on your computer (it only takes a few minutes). Here is what the IPEVO Point 2 View camera looks like:

To use the IPEVO Point 2 View camera, plug it into a USB port on the computer. Click the Start button > All Programs > IPEVO > P2V > P2V. Once the software window opens, you should see the image appear and you can zoom or take snapshots using the P2V software. When in the classroom, you can place an object or document under the camera for the class to see on the big screen. It is a small camera, so large objects will not work unless you stack some books under the camera stand! Here is a related tip:

I tested the IPEVO Point 2 View camera with Elive and it works but is limited. In Elive, open the video window from the button on the toolbar and choose your Device at the bottom. You will get an error if you choose the Point 2 View camera when the P2V software that comes with the camera is open. If you close the P2V software, then you can Preview to get the image rotated correctly (upside down) and pick your quality (fine color). There is auto focus on the camera itself but no zoom button so you just have to move the camera arm to zoom in/out. Then you can transmit the video to the class. The quality isn’t great for text but works pretty well for small objects.

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