Katie’s Time-Saving Techniques for Blackboard

Organizing your course in Blackboard 8

·  To be consistent and clear, use your syllabus “schedule” as a guide to organizing your content in Blackboard.

·  Copy what you can from other shells using the copy command (for individual items) or course copy (for several sections at a time). With course copy, watch out for adaptive release rules. Discussion boards, wikis, and blogs may need to be cleaned out or recreated. Remember to update dates!

·  Remove menu items you don’t use. Add menu items for tools you use a lot. Control Panel > Manage Course Menu.

·  Structure your assignments section by starting with a generic “week” folder with a typical series of tasks listed inside. Then copy the folder multiple times for each week before customizing them. Add date restrictions to folders rather than items inside.

·  Discussion: Do you like to put everything under “Assignments” or do you like to break out exams, discussions, links, and/or projects?


One thought on “Katie’s Time-Saving Techniques for Blackboard

  1. I like to put every thing within the weekly assignments because I would like students to work through all of the information available to them and then get the quizzes, exams, or projects.

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