Creating Educational Surveys & Using Qualtrics

Here is a podcast requested by Liz but I thought others might be interested. The first half hour is Jeff’s tips for survey construction and the second half hour is Susan’s example of how she uses Qualtrics in her classes to create a feedback loop with students.

You can use Qualtrics survey tool for free if you log into this site with your UAA credentials:

You can learn more about Qualtrics at Qualtrics University:


I have also attached my “one-pager.”


Misunderstood FERPA

FERPA always comes up when you start to talk about students using web tools such as social networking outside the range of University supported technologies. Here is an interesting article that clarifies common misunderstandings:

“FERPA was never intended to place students into the box of a physical or online classroom to prevent them from learning from the public. Rather, FERPA requires schools to maintain control over certain student records (Fryer, 2009). These records include medical information, social security numbers, and grades.

Some people think that students cannot release any personally identifiable student information, but this is also not true. There is a large category of personally identifiable student information that can be released as “directory information.” Follow the link below to read the entire article: