Effective Presentations

How do I avoid PowerPoint poisoning?

We had a great roundtable conversation about what makes an effective presentation, mostly in teaching. We discussed challenges like how to make effective slides (use high quality pictures and a small amount of text that prompts and/or provokes the audience) and when to use PowerPoint versus other tools, like Prezi. One effective way to use PowerPoint we discussed is using a self-running slideshow with pictures and music as people are entering the room.

How do I spark participation?

To keep students on their toes, we discussed different ways to be sure they are prepared to answer or ask questions. We also discussed the importance involving students in learning by using  interactive whiteboards (eLive) and having students create the “slides” themselves (either together in class or submitted beforehand).

What are the best practices?

Ask your students! We talked about the importance of getting student feedback using surveys or journaling…and then, of course, making changes based on the feedback.

Here is the recording of our roundtable discussion.


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