Observing Distance Student Interns

We had a great discussion this morning about the challenges of observing distance student interns. We discussed the typical problem of viewing video of a classroom when you can’t see or hear everything that is happening. No matter whether you are using Skype or some other tool, it is the camera and microphone that make the difference (but the equipiment keeps getting better and better). We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of live versus recorded video. Live might be easier from a legal standpoint, but recorded has the advantage of being able to go back and look at specific points with the intern and classmates (and also may be necessary as our students come from farther and farther away!).

We like the idea of having the COE create some kind of packet of information for faculty who will be observing students at a distance. This would ensure consistency and provide support. It could include legal and ethical guidelines and forms or releases for students.

Here are some tools we can consider, but we hate to put more costs on the students!

thereNow’s observation and feedback platform is a secure, web-based application that facilitates effective teacher coaching and mentoring, self-reflection, and education research.


web-based analysis of video to engage preservice and inservice teachers


eCove (this one is more about data collection)
Observations that save time, increase accuracy, and provide the basis for testing implementation of researched best practices and student behavior interventions.


Here is the link to the UVA’s My Teaching Partner program:


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