COE Mobile Learning Discussion

We discussed the difference between mLearning and eLearning using some of the resources below which identify differences in timing, information access, context, and assessment. mLearning is defined in the article as “the use of mobile technology to aid in the learning, reference or exploration of information useful to an individual at that moment or in a specific use context.”  So is it mobile learning if your device doesn’t leave the classroom/desk?<

We discussed whether classrooms are ready for tablets as a replacement for computers and textbooks to fit student lifestyles and expectations. We think they are just about there! What do you think?

What are some ways the university could support mobile learning:

Blackboard Mobile Learn app IS supported:

Web Conferencing on a device will hopefully be available within the next year when we change from elive to another web conferencing solution. Video conferencing on a device will also probably be supported soon. A Polycom app is currently available just not supported by the university yet.

Also we are hoping for support for wireless mirorring of a device via projector in the classroom.

Resources we explored:

mLearning is not eLearning on a mobile device:

6 Reasons Tablets are Ready for the Classroom:

ASTE Beyond Portability The Shift Toward Mobile Learning:

Khan Academy:


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