Format for student assignments?

When you ask your students to submit a document to you, what format do you ask for?

I generally ask for “Word” format (that doesn’t mean students have to use Word, they just have to save in .doc or .docx format). Recently someone came to me asking how to open a Pages file on a PC. Word generally converts any file type and opens it without a problem, but it was not working in this case. I found these steps online and they worked fine to view the Pages file on a PC.

  1. Right click the .pages file and select Properties
  2. Change the file extension from .pages to .zip
  3. Right click and Open the file
  4. Open the Quicklook folder and view the Preview.PDF file

Recently, another colleague started asking her students to submit all their work in PDF format. She was then able to do her grading using her iPad PDF Notes app. It is pretty easy for students to save in PDF format now that PDF is an option in almost every application. PDF has the added benefit of making a smaller and more accessible file as well!

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