Digital Detours: Part 2

If you rely on Elluminate Live! (elive) for your synchronous class meetings, you know how frustrating it can be if students have trouble getting in or if elive goes down. Here are some options to consider.

At the beginning of the semester, tell students what to do if they can’t get into an elive class meeting (i.e. Plan B). Let them know to check their UAA email immediately (or another method of communication outside the university system). If they see an email from you, it is a problem everyone is having. If not, they should try these troubleshooting tips.

How can you use elive if Blackboard is down? Provide an alternate elive link (or alternate public elive session) to students at the beginning of the semester and encourage students to bookmark it or save the email.

  • Here is how you can get a link to your elive session within your Blackboard course: be sure Edit Mode is ON > Click Communications on the menu > Elluminate Live! > find your class meeting link and click Modify on the far right. Without making any changes, click Submit—but before you click OK, click the Send Email link. Send an email to yourself with the subject “link to elive meeting” and the class name. Click submit. Now you can forward that email or just copy the meeting link and provide it to students/guests to get into elive without Blackboard.
  • To set up a public elive session outside of Blackboard, register with your UA credentials and create a public session on

What if elive cannot be used? Identify a method to record lectures (e.g. MyBrainShark, Captivate, Camtasia) and/or identify alternative synchronous meeting space (audio conference, Google Talk, Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Vyew, DimDim, WizIQ, etc.) Find a favorite blog or other edtech resource that keeps you up-to-date with current technology tools.

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