Digital Detours: The Class Must Go On!

For the last installment of digital detours tips, we suggest that you consider creating and/or saving course materials, assignments, and quizzes outside of Blackboard so you and your students aren’t dead in the water if Blackboard is down for a few days (worst case scenario, right!?).

  • Create local copies of assignments/weekly tasks (all Bb content) using external documents (PDFs) with weblinks that can be distributed via alternative methods. (Or save Blackboard webpages directly in PDF format.)
  • Use an external webpage or the cloud for course materials (e.g. UAA faculty website, Google Docs, Wiggio, Edmodo, Dropbox, Publisher’s textbook companion site)
  • Use Google+, Edmodo, or Facebook to create another connected classroom environment. (Here is an article on using Facebook:
  • Save all web resources (websites and videos) using a social bookmarking tool (e.g. Diigo). This way you can share just one link with students which includes all the web resources for your course or only those tagged with the topic of the week.

Thank you to Cindy Trussell, Debbi Canavan, and Kathleen Voge of the eLearning Working Group for their work on these solutions.

What do you do in case of a technology snow day? Please comment.

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