Working Successfully with Emerging Technologies and Innovations

A number of us at UAA attended the ELI Online Fall Focus Sessions earlier this week sponsored by Educause. Thank you Dave and Sarah and the rest of the Faculty Technology Center staff for getting us virtual seats for this event! The theme for the event was working successfully with emerging technologies and innovations and the useful part was attending the sessions with colleagues so we could discuss the topics we found interesting.

We discussed the differences between our best learning environment and our current workplace and thought about how talk, play, reflection and mindfulness could help us redesign our workplace to emphasize learning.

In talking about innovation, I learned some great new words such as skunkworks, edupreneurship, and appledroid!

In discussing the series of sessions on piloting innovation, I realized that I had not made the rest of COE aware of the pilot programs our eLearning workgroup is working on. eLearn, a working group of the UTC, is currently piloting ShareStream (media management inside Blackboard), Google Apps for Education for faculty, and preparing for upcoming pilots of Blackboard Collaborate and Respondus Testing Solutions (Lockdown Browser). I will try to do a better job of communicating with faculty via this blog!


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