Glogster EDU

A few of our faculty members are using Glogster in their classes. Glogster is a free Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create multimedia posters. Glogs (short for graphics blog) can be a creative way for students to show what they know!

Anyone can use Glogster. Go to and create an account or connect with your Facebook account.  A public Glogster account is free.

Glogster EDU ( is geared toward educational uses and is more secure. The College of Education has purchased a 200 student subscription. You can add student accounts, set up classes, enable students to create portfolios of their glogs, etc. Learn more at See me for the COE username and password.

To create a Glog, log in to Glogster and click Create New Glog. Choose a Classic Glog or template to get started. Use the menu that appears at the top to add items to the page. “USE IT!” inserts your selection onto the poster. Then you can drag the new item where you want to place it on the poster.

Use the Wall option to add the background. Use the Text option to add text. (If you pick an image, it will allow you to add/edit your text inside the image. If you want plain text, choose the Title or Text options on the first page of choices.) To edit an item, just click it to see the Edit menu appear.

Graphics are clip art images that come with Glogster. The Image option allows you to upload your own file, use a link, or grab a screenshot. Video and Sound buttons allow you to upload, link or grab video or audio files to add to your poster.

Preview shows you how others will see your glog. Save or publish when you are finished working on the glog for the time being. After you Save and Publish or from your dashboard, you can copy the link to your glog or get the embed code to paste somewhere online.

For ideas, explore the Glogpedia library. To learn more, look at the bottom right of the Glogster EDU page for a link to video tutorials.

sample glog:

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