Going Mobile…Blackboard Learn

As you know, many of our students are using mobile devices to access Blackboard. If you haven’t played around with the Blackboard Mobile Learn app in a while, check it out; it keeps getting better! The app allows students to check announcements and grades and participate in discussions and view resources.  I was happy to find out that it now has some integration with Dropbox!

The Faculty Technology Center has put together some great resources for Mobile Computing, including some best practices for making your online course mobile-friendly. Visit http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/facultytechnologycenter/mobile/index.cfm to learn more. I see a COE EdTech workshop in our future!

Why use Blackboard Learn? For the students!

Accessibility: Students can zoom in and change colors and do much more when you give them an electronic copy of handouts/readings.
Communication: Students have somewhere to go to check how they are doing, review project instructions, and get to know their instructor and classmates outside of class time in discussions, blogs, and wikis. It makes a great home base. Instructors will never misplace a student paper again! They are all in Blackboard with no question of when they were turned in. No need to worry about FERPA violations when using the Blackboard gradebook.
Sustainability: Take your class paperless! Reuse resources from one semester to the next.

Hmmm, what else?