Video Conferencing at UAA

If you teach with video conferencing, I just wanted you to be aware that UA OIT will be upgrading the desktop collaboration software (referred to as DC Video or MOVI) for spring semester. FYI: Desktop collaboration software allows participants to attend a video conference from their own computer (rather than having to be in a room with special video conferencing/Polycom equipment).

Currently UA uses Cisco MOVI, but Cisco changed the name to Jabber when they released the upgrade. In January, you will be able to find out more information about Jabber on the UA OIT website: It will be a pretty seamless upgrade, current users will get an upgrade notification when they open MOVI in January which will take about 5 minutes to install. New users will go through the same process they do now to get set up to use desktop collaboration (i.e. fill out the request form on site above, install the software, and go through a short training session).

REMINDER: Video conferences must be scheduled ahead of time (you can request that it is recorded under special requests/additional information)

You can schedule a video conference on the UAA site:  

If you have participants/endpoints that are outside the Anchorage MAU or desktop collaboration users, I recommend that you schedule your video conference on the UA site:

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