Are you taking advantage of cloud storage?!

There are many stable and secure places on the cloud for you and your students to save class files. Cloud storage means no more lost homework! Unlike using a “thumb” drive, you can’t lose or damage your important files. You have access to your files anywhere with internet access (using a computer or mobile device). When collaborating with others, you can share folders and files with other people.

Sign up for a free account and keep all your current semester school files there. Cloud storage services typically offer a certain amount of free storage space (e.g. 5 GB). View this ZDNet article for a review of the top ten personal cloud storage services, including Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more! I use Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive!

Notes on student use: Google Drive is just an extension of Google Docs which UAA students already have access to! And allows your students to log in with their UAA Gmail credentials.

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