What I did this summer

Here are some highlights. This summer I have become a Blackboard Certified Trainer and passed all 6 tests to become a Google Apps Certified Trainer (but there is still more to the application). I got to attend the Blackboard World conference for the first time; I am getting excited about upgrading to the newest version of Blackboard Learn as there are many great features that will improve the experience for our faculty and students! I participated in a highly interactive and useful statewide instructional designer summit put on by those creative UAF folks. Work has continued on various eLearning subcommittees throughout the summer. The web conferencing group evaluated numerous tools to replace elive and the adjunct support committee developed some materials and gathered resources to help adjunct faculty. The College of Ed got a new dean, reorganized, and updated one classroom.

It has been the warmest summer since I have been in Alaska (13 years, but not sure I should count living in the arctic!). I found out that Alaskans can get tan (not windburn, tan)! I had a great summer playing tourist, visiting Cordova and Kodiak, spending the night in a yurt for the first time (Eagle River), and, of course, biking and hiking!



What did you do this summer?