blubbr is a fun way to add questions to a video

Add questions to check for understanding during a YouTube video. Here is a blubbr I created from a SmartBoard video I found on YouTube.

How to create a blubbr:

  • Find a good video on YouTube and copy the URL
  • Go to blubbr site:
  • Create a free account or log in with your Google or Facebook credentials
  • Click create, give your “triv” a title, and paste the URL for the video in the next box
  • Click the screen to start
  • Start watching the video and drag the end marker (square from the end of the timeline) to the left to where you want the first question to be
  • Enter your question on the right and click Add Question
  • Now drag the start marker (on the left) to the end marker (on the right) and drag the end marker to where you want the second question (further to the right on the timeline)
  • Enter the second question on the right
  • Repeat steps until you have entered all your questions and reached the end of your video
  • Click Preview your game and then click x to close the preview window
  • Make any necessary adjustments by clicking the questions at the bottom and then the edit button, then update question
  • Click I’m Done, fill in the info, Publish!