Video in Education

Video is a great way to deliver content and assess student learning. Here is some basic information on recording and sharing videos (for teachers and students).  IMHO, YouTube is the easiest way to manage videos (unlisted privacy setting recommended). FYI, the Latest Word on Optimal Length for Education Videos is about 10 minutes.

Record your video.
• Record your video using a smartphone or other recording device (e.g. camera or iPad). Upload directly from phone/device to cloud OR transfer your video file to your computer and then go to your chosen cloud storage option and upload your video file.
• Record your video using your webcam and computer. Use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker OR use the software that came with your webcam (e.g. Logitech) OR record directly in YouTube (Upload > Webcam capture).
• Another option is to create a screencast using Jing or Screencast-o-matic and choose to upload your file directly to the cloud (i.e. or YouTube).

Once you have uploaded your video file to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox or another cloud/online storage option, simply copy the URL (link) to share it with others.

Share from the cloud.
• When viewing the video on YouTube or, copy the URL from the address bar.
• Google Drive: Share > Advanced > Change > Anyone with the link > Save > Copy link.
• Dropbox: Share > Anyone with the link can see it > select and copy link.
Note: Video playback directly from Dropbox or Google Drive may lag. If so, download the video and then play it.

YouTube is not only used for uploading and sharing videos. You and your students can edit videos, create captions, and more using YouTube.
How To Use YouTube Video Editor
How to Add Captions to your videos using YouTube 

If you aren’t using YouTube, playing different video file formats can be a challenge. I recommended installing VLC player to be able to play all kinds of different video formats. (It can also be used for converting files to different formats).


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